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Bali White Water Rafting and Elephant Ride Tour

Tour Highlights

  • Hotel pickup service in the morning
  • Do the fun 2-hour Bali white water rafting activity at the Ayung River, Ubud
  • Having lunch at a local restaurant
  • Enjoy the Bali elephant ride tour that is done in the Bali Zoo.

You will love it.

Tour Description

Bali white water rafting tour is always success to attract a lot of people to try this activity. It can give them a really fun and memorable experience in Bali. We make a combination between this tour and the Bali Elephant ride tour in Bali so that you can get the best vacation in this island of gods. Well, we can say that we highly recommend this trip for any kinds of vacation; whether it is a family trip, honeymoon, outbound, gathering or just having fun with your friends. 

Tour Destination

The first activity to do is for sure the Bali White Water Rafting that will be done in the Ayung River. This river is really famous as a rafting location and it is located in Ubud. That is why; the Ayung River is surrounded by the amazing nature that you can enjoy during the rafting experience. You will have this rafting activity for about 2 hours long accompanied by the instructor in ever boat. During the rafting activity, you will pass several different obstacles such as the huge stones, water slide, small waterfalls, and many more again. This river and this rafting activity are suitable even you are a beginner rafter. 

In the middle of the Bali white water rafting activity, we will also stop at several waterfalls where you can swim or take a picture in those waterfalls. After finishing the rafting activity, you will be accompanied to have lunch.

The next activity to do is also so interesting and you will always remember this moment forever. Yes, you will try the Bali elephant ride tour that will be done at Bali Zoo. Try the experience of riding and sitting at the back of the elephant, one of the biggest mammals on this planet. You will be accompanied by the elephant keeper during the tour and the elephant is also so friendly and well-trained. That is why; this tour is really secure. The Bali elephant ride will be done for about 20 minutes long and it is also included the Bali Zoo Admission facility. It means that you can also feed the lion or tiger where it can be such a really great moment for you. 

Along with this Bali elephant ride tour, you will ride this mammal and explore the natural jungle at the Klungkung Regency. You can see the lush trees everywhere and for sure the tropical plants. In addition, the elephant will also bring you to the side of a river to enjoy the nuance, witnessing the green hill, and the interesting one is that sometimes you can even notice the appearance of the monkeys. It is so funny and memorable at the same time.

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