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Bali Volcano Sunrise Hiking and River Rafting Tour

Tour Highlights

  • Hotel pickup service
  • Start the Volcano Sunrise Hiking at Mount Batur Kintamani
  • Enjoy the wonderful sunrise view and have the delicious light breakfast
  • Climb down and go to the Ayung River
  • Rafting in Ayung River for 1.5 – 2 hours long accompanied by the professional instructors

Come to Bali and join us!

Tour Description

Bali Smart Tour creates a really interesting activity where you will not only get activity but two different activities in a package! Yes, you are able to explore the exotic nature of Bali from two different places; mountain and river. In this tour, you will do the Bali Volcano Sunrise Hiking Tour to get the sensation of hiking one of the prettiest mountains in Bali. After that, we will invite you to try the fun and challenging Ayung River Tour where this river is located in a beautiful area in Bali, Ubud. 

Tour Destination

Yes, the Bali Volcano Sunrise Hiking Tour is a trekking activity that is suitable for everyone even for the beginner. In this activity, you will be accompanied by our professional guides who will show you the track and ensure that everything is OK. This hiking tour is started from the starting point. To reach the mountain’s summit, you will need at around 2 hours journey. Along the trekking journey you can enjoy the fresh air and for sure the amazing green nature of Kintamani.

Once you reach the peak, you can rest for a while for waiting for the sunrise; when the sunrise comes, you will love the view where it is one of the most wonderful sunrises that you can get in Bali. Don’t forget to take some pictures with the sunrise and after that, we will serve you with the light breakfast menu to make you ready to come back to the starting point. In the middle of the journey, you will pass several villages as well where you can see the social life of the residents there. 

Don’t go from Bali if you are not trying the Bali River Rafting especially that is done at the Ayung River. Bali Smart Tour realizes that this river is so beautiful and it is so popular as well. That is why; we create a moment where you can enjoy the river by rafting there. You will be accompanied by professional and licensed instructors during the rafting tour. In addition, we also put safety as the main concentration and that is why; we will equip you with the international standard safety equipment for this activity.

The rafting track that is used for this Bali River Rafting is for about 12 km where it needs 2 hours duration. Along the rafting journey, you will meet several obstacles such as the slide, huge rocks, river stream, and etc. You don’t need to be worried because you will not get bored along the journey because there are so many views to enjoy such as the plantations, rice fields, up to the 5-star hotels and villas.

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