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Bali Airport Taxi Rate for Private Transfer Service

Create the Hassle-Free Holiday in Bali!

Our driver will wait for you at the airport and makes everything is easier

The Ngurah Rai International Airport Bali is like one of the main gates to enter Bali, especially for the tourists from all over the world. As one of the world-class destinations, Bali is visited by many people every day where mostly they are coming to Bali for having a vacation. That is why; the airport can be so busy with tons of people and other activities as well. 

It is possible that you will be hounded by the taxi drivers on your arrival at the airport. Is it not the kind of vacation that you want to have? We will make it hassle-free then!

Our driver will be patiently waiting for you at the airport and he will help you with your bags and then take you to your accommodation. What a comfortable service.

We even bring the big sign under your name to welcome you!

Our Bali Airport Transfer Service will be so helpful for you to give all the comfortableness even from the first time you step your foot in Bali. Why? It is because we will wait for you at the airport before you come. Our driver will wait for you at the waiting area and bring the big sign under your name. You will be easily seeing our driver at the airport. 

The charge that we offer is per car, not per person and we ensure that it is a really reasonable price. So, don’t worry anymore even though it is your first time coming to Bali. You just need to sit down comfortably in the car and our English-speaking driver will drive you to your accommodation. Since our driver is the well-experienced one and has been living in Bali for many years, you can ask a lot of things about this beautiful Island. 

The Ease of Communication if Needed

We have stated earlier that the Ngurah Rai International Airport is always crowded by people every day. That is why; we provide you with the ease of communication at any time you may need it. We provide the FREE WIFI service so that you can contact our Bali Airport Private Transfer Operator directly. Furthermore, you can meet the Flight Information Center at the Waiting area and ask the staffs there for contacting our operator in this number: 081-338-044-755.

This easiness will give you all the comfortable vacations while staying in Bali, since the first time you arrive on this island. 

NOTE: The Bali Airport Taxi Rate is only for the taxi charge from the airport to your destination in Bali.  In addition, you may need the porters to help to bring your luggage, but they are not free. They will not go from the parking area until you pay them for their service. That is why; we have a tip for you. Please ensure that you ask them in detail about their porter’s cost before you use their service. It will make you have the best deal

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