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Bali Best White Water Rafting Company Tour

Rafting in Bali is a must thing to do when you are having a vacation on this island. In Bali, we will let you experience this activity with the Bali best white water rafting company to ensure that you will get the best rafting activity as well. The locations to do this rafting are the Ayung River and Telaga Waja River where these are the two most popular rivers for rafting. Here is the description of the tour and activity.

The Ayung and Telaga Waja River

The Ayung River is located in Ubud; meanwhile, Telaga Waja River is located in Karangasem. Both of these rivers use for the rafting activity because they have for about 10 – 16 km rafting track from the starting point up to the finishing point. It is for sure that those rivers have their own uniqueness, but one thing for sure is that those have the stunning view around the river such as the panoramic rice field, tropical forest, plantation, up to the five-star hotels and villas in the left and right side of the Ayung River.

The Ayung River in Ubud is more recommended for the beginner or medium rafter. This river has an iconic 1km crafted stone wall that represents the Ramayana Story. In addition, you can also watch the panoramic view around the river while doing the fun rafting at the same time. Meanwhile, the Telaga Waja River is more challenging than Ayung because it has a heavier water flow, but the water is so clean. The most challenging obstacle that you will experience there is a 4-meter slide where you have to pass it with the rubber boat. However, you don’t need to be worried about everything because you will be accompanied by a professional guide during the rafting activity.

We Offer the Special Price for You

In every river, you will notice that there are more than Rafting Companies that you can find. In addition, they also offer the different price as well where you can buy the package there and it is known as the published price. We have signed a contract with all of the licensed rafting companies that have the insurance cover as one of their services. That is why; we get the more affordable price at around 50% - 60% cheaper than the normal published price. 

We choose the Bali Best white water rafting company for you so that you can come and have fun even with your big groups. This activity is suitable for participants with the age range of 9-60 years old. You will use the rubber boat for this rafting activity where a boat can accommodate 6 adult and 1 instructor. Before the rafting activity is started, you will get a briefing from our professional guide or instructor and wear the safety equipment as well such as the helmet and life jacket. 

The Bali Best white rafting company and our service will be a perfect combination of getting the best rafting experience on this island of gods.

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