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Bali River Rafting, Swing, and Best of Ubud Tour

Tour Highlights

  • Visiting the Bali Agro Tourism to enjoy the coffee plantation nuance
  • Get the memorable experience of trying the Ayung River Rafting for 2 hours
  • Challenge yourself to try the Bali Swing in a highland area
  • See the cute monkeys at the Ubud Monkey Forest and visit the Tegenungan Waterfall

It is done. What a tour to do in Bali. 

Tour Description

Bali River Rafting is an activity where you can explore the Balinese nature by rafting in several rivers in Bali. We offer you to experience that moment and we will make it is more interesting because we combine it with the other memorable activities of visiting several places of interesting in this island of gods. You can visit the coffee plantations, Bali swing, and many more again. Here is further information about this trip. 

Tour Destination

The first destination to visit on this tour is the Bali Agro Tourism where we will see the beautiful coffee plantation. We can see various kinds of coffee plants and some natural species there. In addition, we will also enjoy the fresh coffees and teas while watching the wonderful view of the plantation. The serenity of that place will make you relax. 

After enjoying the relaxing visit at the Bali Agro Tourism, it is the time for doing the Bali River Rafting at Ayung River, a beautiful river that is located in Ubud, Bali. Get the sensation of passing several obstacles such as the huge stones, water slide, river stream, and many more again by using the rubber boat. This rafting will be more interesting because we can witness the beautiful views around the river such as the jungle, forest, up to the iconic 1km crafted stone wall that represents the Ramayana Story. This rafting activity will be done for about 2 hours long.

Have you ever tried the Bali Swing before? In this tour, you are able to try the amazing and challenging Bali Swing. We will do the Uma Pakel swing that will let you try the swing at the edge of a cliff. This swing is 100% safe with the international standard equipment. While you are swinging, you will enjoy the view of tropical trees below you and if you are brave enough you can do a little attraction such as standing at the swing and many more again.

Then, this best of Ubud tour will let you visit the Ubud Monkey Forest where you will meet a lot of cute monkeys that have funny behavior as well. You can have an interaction with the monkeys such as feeding them. After that, we will visit the Tegenungan Waterfall, a really beautiful waterfall located amidst the green jungle and stunning natural condition. You can swim or just play at its natural pool that is formed under the waterfall. 

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