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Bali Snorkeling and Telagawaja River Rafting Tour

Tour Highlights

  • The service of Hotel pick-up in the morning is available
  • Depart from the Kuta area by using the traditional boat to the snorkeling spots
  • Arrive in Blue Lagoon and snorkeling there for about 1 hour and have another 1-hour snorkeling in Tanjung Jepun
  • Clean yourself and change the wet clothes because we will have lunch
  • Coming to the Telagawaja River for trying the white water rafting for 2 hours long

That’s it. It is so fun.

Tour Description

Bali snorkeling tour from Bali Smart Tour is now really special. Why? It is because we combine two different tours at a package. Yes, you can get the experience of snorkeling in two of the most popular snorkeling spots in Bali; the Blue Lagoon and Tanjung Jepun and then continued by trying the challenging White Water Rafting in Telaga Waja River. How fun is this tour? Below is the answer. 

Tour Destination

We will start this amazing trip by snorkeling in the Blue Lagoon and Tanjung Jepun where these popular snorkeling spots are located for about 1.5 hours from the airport. We will depart from Kuta by using the traditional boat and you will be accompanied by the professional instructor as well. Arrived in the Blue Lagoon, the instructor will give a briefing section while you are preparing yourself by wearing some safety equipment. After that, you are ready for an hour snorkeling in Blue Lagoon and then do the other one-hour snorkeling in Tanjung Jepun.

Those spots are chosen in this Bali snorkeling tour because they are s beautiful with its underwater world condition. You will see that the spots have the sandy bottom area with various kinds of healthy coral reefs everywhere. That is why; it is so easy for you to meet various kinds of fishes like the cowfish, angelfish, and many more again. In addition, you can also meet some other unique sea creatures such as the moray eels, and etc. This tour is also perfect if you are a photography lover, especially for the macro underwater. 

Done with the snorkeling activities and having lunch, we will go to the Telaga Waja River located in Karangasem. In that river, you will experience the fun and challenging rafting activity while enjoying the stunning panorama around. Telaga Waja is known as the challenging river for rafting because it has some obstacles such as the river stream, huge stones, bamboo bridge, and the most popular one is the 4-meter water slide that you have to pass with the rubber boat. 

However, don’t be worried about anything because we ensure that this Telagawaja River rafting tour is safe. Why? It is because we equip you with the proper safety equipment and you will be always accompanied by the certified and professional instructors. This rafting experience will be done for around 2 hours long. 

You will love this rafting moment because you can laugh, scream, and have fun together with your group while enjoying the panoramic view around the river such as the rice field, hills, jungles, and many more again. The fresh and cold air will make this tour is more comfortable.

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