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Bali Blue Lagoon Snorkeling and Elephant Ride Tour

Tour Highlights

  • Welcome us to your hotel because we will pick you up there
  • Going to the Blue Lagoon snorkeling spot and snorkel there for an hour
  • Having another one-hour snorkeling in Tanjung Jepun and then have lunch together
  • Go to the Bali Bakas and do the Bali Elephant Ride Tour for 30 minutes long.

This trip is really perfect for any kinds of vacation. 

Tour Description

Bali Smart Tour offers a really unique and memorable trip of having the Bali Blue Lagoon Snorkeling Tour and riding the elephant in one package. You will love it. This trip is perfect for you who are looking for different thing to do in Bali. With this tour, you can enjoy the underwater beauty of Bali and for sure explore the mesmerizing nature owned by Bali by riding the Sumatran elephants. 

Tour Destination

First of all, we will pick you up in the morning and go to the Kuta area. We will depart from there to visit the Blue Lagoon and Tanjung Jepun by using the traditional boat. After arriving in the Blue Lagoon, we will get the instruction from the instructors and we have to wear our safety equipment as well. Now, it is the time for one-hour snorkeling in Blue Lagoon. Then, from this Bali Blue Lagoon snorkeling tour, we will go to Tanjung Jepun and has some other one-hour snorkeling activity. 

Both of those spots offer the great underwater world with the sandy bottom condition, healthy coral reefs everywhere and for sure the varied sea creatures. For example, it is so easy for you to meet some fishes such as the angelfish, cowfish, colorful fishes, and many more again. You even have a chance to meet several unique sea creatures such as the moray eel, and etc. If you love the macro underwater thing, you have to capture this panorama with your camera. After two hours of snorkeling, it is time for having lunch. 

Yes, after the snorkeling activity tour, now it is the time for riding the elephants. Feel the sensation of sitting in the elephant’s back and swing to the left and right. You will be accompanied by our professional elephant keeper on this Bali elephant ride tour so that everything is so safe. The keeper will let you ride the elephant around the park that is designed really natural with the lush of green trees, pool for the elephant to take a bath, grasses, and many more again. 

The Bali Elephant Ride Tour will be done for around 30 minutes long and don’t forget to bring your camera to capture this rare experience of riding the huge mammal like the elephant. We have to inform you that please tell the instructor or tell us if you have a problem with your heart or if you are scared of height. 

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