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Bali Blue Lagoon Snorkeling and Bali Safari Tour Package

Tour Highlights

  • Get ready in the morning because we will pick you up
  • Snorkeling at the Blue Lagoon for 1-hour and at the Tanjung Jepun Diving Spot for 1-hour
  • Having lunch after the Bali snorkeling tour and come back to Bali
  • Start the Bali Safari Tour for 3-hour to meet the animals and see their entertaining shows

It can create a wonderful memory in Bali.

Tour Description

Bali Blue Lagoon Snorkeling Tour is one of the most popular activities from Bali Smart Tour. It is a really interesting trip where you are able to snorkel at two great spots for two hours. In addition, we will make it is more fun because we combine the snorkeling tour with a Bali Safari Tour Package. It means that after snorkeling, we will accompany you to visit the Bali Safari to enjoy several shows there and get closer with the animals in Bali. So, are you ready?

Tour Destination

The first activity to do is the Bali Blue Lagoon Snorkeling trip where we will accompany you to visit the snorkeling spot by using a traditional boat. The total time for this snorkeling trip is 2-hour where the first one hour will be done at the Blue Lagoon and the other one hour will be done at Tanjung Jepun. In that location, we will give you one of the best snorkeling moments ever where you will be accompanied by professional and licensed instructors. In addition, the underwater worlds in those spots are also amazing with the crystal clear water, healthy and colorful coral reefs, and for sure the unique creatures around. After this snorkeling activity, we will serve with lunch to recharge your energy while enjoying the best view.

The next activity is also really interesting where we will have a Bali Safari Tour for 3 hours. If you come here with your children, we guarantee that they will enjoy this trip really much. Bali Smart Tour will accompany you to visit the Fresh Water Aquarium there to see various kinds of fishes and other sea creatures; maybe you will spot the unique one. Then, you can also see the Animal Educational Show where you and your kids will see the entertaining animal show. The other activities that can be also done here are like the elephant educational show, 1x safari Journey, and 1x Fun zone. You will enjoy your time here because the park or the place itself is so wide with the natural trees and garden everywhere. 

You can get closer with the animals there such as with the elephant and see their entertaining shows. The elephants and other animals that are involved in the show are so smart and cute as well. Besides watching the animals and their show, you can make this Bali Safari Tour as an educational moment for your children, so that they will know more about some animals and gain more knowledge about how to care them.

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