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Bali Blue Lagoon Snorkeling and Spa Tour Package

Tour Highlights

  • Hotel pickup service in the morning and drop off service after the tour
  • Coming to the Blue Lagoon for having an hour snorkeling and trying another one-hour snorkeling at Tanjung Jepun
  • Enjoying the relaxing 2 hours Bali Spa Package amidst the beautiful nature of Bali

What a wonderful journey from Bali Smart Tour. 

Tour Description

Enjoying the marine tourism of Bali is a must thing to do for having a perfect vacation on this amazing island. That is why; Bali Smart Tour offers you the popular Bali Blue Lagoon snorkeling tour and we will combine it with the relaxing spa tour package. First of all, we will accompany you to have a snorkeling experience at Blue Lagoon, a stunning diving spot located not far from Bali. After that, we will continue it to have a relaxing spa so that you can chill and recharge your energy.

Tour Destination

Get ready to wake up in the morning where we will pick you up at your hotel to go to the Blue Lagoon Diving spot. This spot is located near Padang Bai and we will cross the sea by using a comfortable traditional boat. Arrived at the Blue Lagoon, you will meet the licensed professional instructor who is so friendly as well where he will explain everything that you need to know about snorkeling there. He will also help you to wear several proper types of equipment that are needed for this Bali Blue Lagoon Snorkeling Tour.

Now, it is the time to start the 2-hour snorkeling experience where the one hour will be done at Blue Lagoon and the other an hour will be done at Tanjung Jepun. There you will see the amazing underwater world such as the sandy sea bottom, healthy and colorful coral reefs, up to see various kinds of sea creatures. After 2 hour snorkeling, we will serve you with a delicious lunch. 

We knew that maybe you are a little bit tired after having the snorkeling tour package at Tanjung Jepun and Blue Lagoon. That is why; we arrange a special Bali Spa Package that will be done after the snorkeling tour. Here, you can get a really comfortable massage that is done amidst the beautiful nature of Bali.

In addition, it is an exclusive massage where the massage room can be also used for two people and it is separated as well. Lay down in our convenient spa bed and enjoy the relaxing foot and body massage from the professional therapist there. In addition, you will also get several services for this Bali spa package such as the aromatherapy for the foot bath, body scrubs, 1-hour Balinese massage, spa drink, and the flowers bath. Various herbs will be used on this massage such as the herbal, lemon, and ginger because those are the herbal medicine. It means that you can get the relaxing nuance there, comfortable massage, and for sure get the health benefit.

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