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Bali Telaga Waja River White Water Rafting with no Stair Tour

Tour Highlights

  • Wake up in the morning to start the trip.
  • Coming to the Telaga Waja River, get a briefing from the instructor, and wear the safety equipment
  • The rafting is ready to start and it will be done for about 2.5-3 hours long
  • After that, you can clean yourself and change your wet clothes

It is the end of the tour and you can come back with the wonderful memories.. 

Tour Description

If you are looking for the challenging rafting activity in Bali, we highly recommend you to join the Bali Telagawaja River Rafting. The Telagawaja River is located in Karangasem, Bali, and it is so popular among the tourists. This river offers all for you such as the challenging rafting tracks and also the panoramic view at the same location. It will be one of the most memorable vacations that you can have in Bali and below is further information about this tour.

Tour Destination

Telagawaja River is the location where we will do the Bali Telagawaja White water rafting tour. This river is located in Karangasem or the east side part of Bali. In addition, this river is still s natural with its clean and heavy rapids and you will always see the green lush trees everywhere. That is why; the air there is so fresh and the nature is so beautiful.

To do this Bali River Rafting with no stairs tour, you will need for about 2.5 – 3 hours long. This river has clean and heavy rapids where we can say that it is perfect for the professional rafter and for you who want to find more challenges and fun activities. You will find a lot of obstacles on this river such as the huge rocks, slide, and many more again. The iconic obstacle in this river is the 5-meter slide where you need to pass this slide with your boat. You will be screamed and laugh at the same time because it is so fun and challenging.

Yes, it is. To make you safe and comfortable, we always follow the procedure and safety standard system. In addition, we always check for the river’s water condition as our consideration to decide whether it is safe for rafting or not. Before starting this Bali Telagawaja River Rafting Tour, a professional and well-qualified rafting guide or instructor will give a briefing section. He will inform everything such as how to sit on the boat, how to paddle, how to save yourself when you are off from the boat, and many more again. 

The rafting equipment that is used is also the international standard ones. Each of the participants will get the helmet and life jacket to ensure that you are safe. To make it is safer; a boat can only accommodate 4-6 people with 1 guide who will control the boat and makes sure that everything is ok. 

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