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Bali Quad Bike, Swing and Best of Ubud Tour

Tour Highlights

  • Visiting the Luwak Coffee Plantation and taste several types of coffees and teas
  • Having 1.5-2 hours Bali Quad Bike Tour in a peaceful rural area in Bali
  • Having Lunch at a local restaurant to recharge your energy
  • Enjoy the challenging Bali Swing where you can swing in a high area
  • Coming to Ubud Monkey Forest and Tegenungan Waterfall to end the amazing trip.

Are you ready for the trip?

Tour Description

Ubud is one of the most beautiful areas in Bali that is so popular. That is why; we create a tour that can let you explore this area by doing the Quad Bike Tour, Bali Swing, and visiting several interest places in Ubud in a day! This trip is so suitable for any kinds of vacations that you have; whether it is the family vacation, honeymoon, or even for having fun with your friends. 

Tour Destination

To start the say, we will accompany you to visit the Luwak Coffee Plantation where you can see how the expensive and delicious Luwak coffee is made. You can even try to free many kinds of coffees and teas while witnessing the beautiful plantation view at the same time. After that, the activity will be done by doing the Bali Quad Bike Tour where you can ride the Enduro Bike to explore the beautiful nature of Bali.

Before the activity is started, you will get instruction from the professional and friendly instructor. He will explain about everything such as how to maintain the bike is up to accompany you during the tour where you will pass some great locations such as the natural jungle, rice fields, traditional villages, and many more again. This Quad Bike Tour will be done for around 1.5-2hours long. 

Next, it is the time for pumping your adrenaline by trying the Bali Swing. In this activity, you can swing in a high area with the view of tropical trees, rice fields, and the lush trees under you. Feel the sensation of swinging there and you can even do some attractions if you are brave enough such as standing on the swing. Is it safe? For sure that it is 100% safe because you will be equipped with the safety features and controlled by the professional as well. 

After the Bali Swing, we can start the Best of Ubud Tour by visiting some destinations. The special destinations that we choose are the popular Ubud Monkey Forest and the mesmerizing Tegenungan Waterfall. Ubud Monkey Forest is a tropical jungle where there is a holy temple in the center of this location. The interesting thing is that there are so many monkeys who are living there where the local people believe that the monkeys are the guide of the temple and the area. The monkeys are so cute and you can feed them as well. To close the day, you will visit the spectacular Tegenungan Waterfall that has 15 meters for the height and surrounded by the green nature as well. 

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