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Bali Quad Bike and Elephant Ride Tour Package

Tour Highlights

  • Hotel pickup in the morning
  • Do the Bali Quad Bike Tour for about 1.5-2 hours long
  • Having lunch in local restaurants
  • Close the day by riding the friendly and cute elephants at Bali Zoo and feed the lions and tigers.

Tour Description

The memorable tour combination of having the Bali Quad Bike Tour and continued by coming to the Bali Zoo and experiencing the Bali Elephant Tour

Bali Smart Tour understands that you always want to have a fun and memorable vacation in Bali. That is why; we create this special tour that is perfect to do with all of your friends, families, and with your lovely one. In this tour, you are able to try the ATV ride tour in a rural area and then continued by coming to the Bali Zoo to try the Bali Elephant Ride Tour and feed some animals there.

So, it is the kind of tour that you are looking for? If it is so, find more information about this tour in the information below. 

Tour Destination

To start the day, we will accompany you to visit a natural rural area in Bali where you will do the Balo Quad Bike Tour. The track that is used for this Quad Bike or ATV ride tour is specially designed by us to make you have a secure and memorable vacation in Bali. The track is built in the rural area which means you can ride the ATV amidst the beautiful nature of the rice field, jungle, river, and many more again. The natural condition of a rural area also means that you will have more possibilities to cross various different track such as the muddy track, slope, downhill, uphill, small river, and etc. 

You don’t need to be worried because this Quad Bike Tour is 100% secure because you will be accompanied by our professional instructor and equipped with the proper equipment for the ATV riding

After enjoying the Bali Quad Bike Tour, we will accompany you to visit a restaurant for having lunch and recharge energy. After that, it is the right time to come to the Bali Zoo and try the interesting Bali Elephant Ride Tour there. It is so fun because you can ride the elephant for about 20-30 minutes and you will be accompanied by the instructor so that it is secure. In addition, the price is included the Zoo Admission fare which means you can also feed some animals such as the lion or tiger. It is so fun and interesting. Furthermore, you can also watch some other interesting things than just riding the elephants such as bathing the elephant, playing with them, and for sure meet the other cute animals in the Bali Zoo location. Well, we can say that it is the right place to have a family vacation and educate the kids. However, this activity is also great for the honeymoon or having a holiday with your friends.

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