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Bali Jungle Quad Bike Adventure Tour Package

Tour Highlights

This is the fun 2-hour Bali Quad Bike Adventure to explore the beautiful nature of Bali and know more about the social daily life of the residents

Bali Smart Tour creates a really fun and interesting outdoor activity that you have to try when you are in Bali. It is the Bali Jungle Quad Bike Tour that we offer with the excellent service, perfect location, safety equipment, and also the affordable price. In addition, this activity will be done for about 2-hour long from the starting point up to the finishing point. 

Before the Bali Quad Bike Adventure is started, you will get a briefing from our professional instructors about how to maintain the ATV and many more again. In addition, in this Quad Bike Tour, you will ride the ATV or the All Terrain Vehicle where it is a unique vehicle that looks like the motorcycle, but it has for wheels. However, this vehicle is easy to operate because it uses the automatic 250 cc engine and you will get the safety briefing for everything.

Tour Description

During the 2-hour Bali Adventure Tour, you will be able to watch various beautiful things such as the bamboo forest, rice terraces, plantation, bamboo forest, rivers, jungles, villages, and some other panoramic view in Bali. For you who want to get a more challenging experience, our professional experience will lead you to visit the more technical terrains where you can show your skill in maintaining the ATV. For example, you can pass the impossible slopes, downhill, and you can use the full power of the ATV to ascend back to the uphill area. 

The next question that you maybe have is about when this Bali Jungle Quad Bike Tour can be done. In addition, this activity can be done in every season; whether it is the dry or raining season. It is a fun daily trip that is suitable for everyone.

Tour Destination

This Bali Quad Bike Adventure Tour can be joined by a lot of people; started by the 6 years old children. It is because you can choose the riding style based on your own liking. For the example, you can choose the single riding where you can ride the ATV by yourself or you can also choose the Tandem riding style where you can ride the ATV together with the instructor or with your friend. This Tandem ride is suitable for your kids. That is why; we can say that it is a perfect activity to do with all of your friends, families, or even with your lovely one for creating a fun honeymoon event.

Everything in this Bali Adventure Tour is so secure. You will get assistance from our professional and friendly instructors. In addition, you will be also equipped with the proper equipment for your safety such as the helmet, boots, up to the lifeguard jacket if it is needed. So, are you ready to have your own Bali Jungle Quad Bike Tour?

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