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Bali Quad Bike and Elephant Sanctuary Tour

Tour Highlights

  • Start the tour by having the Bali Quad Bike Tour for about 1.5-2 hours long
  • Having lunch at a local restaurant with the delicious Indonesian menu to recharge your energy
  • It is the time for the Bali Elephant Sanctuary Tour at the Taro Village for taking some pictures and feeding the elephant

What an experience to do in Bali. Come to Bali and try it!

Tour Description

Do you want to find interesting and fun activities to do in Bali? If it is so, we have a special offer for you to try the Bali Quad Bike Tour and Bali Elephant Sanctuary Tour at the same time or in a day! We can say that it is one of the most popular Tour activities that are loved by domestic and foreign tourists who come to Bali. Find out more about this trip in the description below.

Tour Destination

The trip will be started by having the Bali Quad Bike Tour. It is an activity where you can ride the real Enduro Bike and explore the beautiful nature of Bali. Before the Quad Bike activity is started, you will meet our friendly and professional instructor where he will explain everything that you need to know about the quad bike; especially about how to maintain the bike. In addition, you will be equipped with several safety pieces of equipment as well such as the helmet, boot, and etc.

After everything is ready, it is time to start the trip. The instructor will accompany you to shows the track, maintains that everything is ok, and gives a lot of information about the location. Feel the excitement of biking amidst the rural area of Bali where you can see the rice paddy fields, tropical forest, pass the traditional villages in Bali and many more again. You will also pass some different tracks such as the uphill, downhill, muddy track, path, etc. After that, the activity will be continued by having lunch at a local restaurant. This Bali Quad Bike Tour will be done for about 1.5-2 hours long.

Well, after having the delicious lunch and recharging your energy, we will bring you to the Elephant Sanctuary that is located in the Taro Village. In this 3.5 hectares area, you will meet some Sumatran elephants that were already trained and cared really well, so they are so friendly to the tourists and visitors. You can take a lot of pictures with them and even feed them. You will love the nuance in this Elephant Sanctuary Tour because the area has a natural condition with a lot of trees, wide lands, up to the pool that is used by the elephant to take a bath. We can say that it is the right tour to gain more knowledge as well; especially about the elephants and the efforts to take care of them. Your kids will love it really much!

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