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Bali Ubud Monkey Forest and Goa Gajah Temple Tour

Tour Highlights

  • Coming to the Ubud Monkey Forest, an 8-hectare sacred forest area that becomes the ‘home’ of a lot of monkeys
  • Exploring the Ubud Market to find the best gifts and daily needs in a high-quality and at an affordable price. You will love the friendliness of the sellers!
  • End the day by visiting the unique Goa Gajah Temple or the ‘Elephant Cave’ and feel its spiritual nuance.

Tour Description

Ubud Monkey Forest is one of the most popular destinations that you have to visit when you are having a vacation in Bali. This place is located in Ubud. We make a special tour to make you are able to visit more of this destination and also come to some other interesting destinations in Bali. What is the detail of this tour? Please find out more information about in below.

Tour Destination

The first stop of this trip is for sure the Ubud Monkey Forest. As it is named, this forest is located in Ubud. Actually, it is a sacred 8-hectare jungle area where there is a holy temple that is located in the middle of this jungle. The interesting thing is that there are a lot of long tail monkeys that live in this area where you can meet them and also have an interaction with them if you want to. You will feel happy when you are there because the monkeys usually have funny attitudes. However, since this location is a sacred area, it is really recommended to behave there.

We can say that it is a really popular market among domestic and foreign tourists who come to Bali. This traditional market is the perfect place if you want to buy various kinds of gifts because it seems that you can find anything there. This Ubud Market is divided into two different parts. The west-part is a location where you can find various kinds of artworks such as the paintings, statues, handmade bags, clothes, sarong, hat, and many more again. Meanwhile, you can buy various kinds of daily needs in the east part of this market. All item there is sold at an affordable price, but they have good quality.

The third destination of this tour is the Bali Goa Gajah Temple. This temple is located in Gianyar Bali. When you are there, you will be surprised because this place looked like a cave more than a temple. Basically, Goa Gajah is a temple, but it has the cave design. In the gate, you will see the elephant’s head at the top of it and two statues in its right and left part. There are also so many statues and showers that we can find there. In addition, this temple is also so beautiful with the green natural plants and trees around.

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