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Bali Ubud Art Villages and Shopping Tour

Tour Highlights

  • See how the hand weaving Batik is made in the Tohpati Village
  • Visiting the Celuk Village to see the beautiful Gold and Silver products
  • Meet the talented painters and see their masterpiece in the Batuan Village
  • Watch how the wood carving products are made in the Mas Village

Tour Description

Besides having the exotic natural condition, Bali also has various kinds of traditional villages that can be explored by joining the Bali Art Villages Tour. This tour will bring you to come to several traditional villages in Bali such as the Celuk Village, Mas Village, and the Batuan Village. In this tour, you can see how the local artists make the artworks where their products are having great quality and it is different from the items that you can meet in the market. That is why; those artworks are loved by the world-class collectors. 

Tour Destination

The Tohpati Village is a traditional village that is located in Klungkung. This village is well-known for its hand weaving Batik (a traditional cloth from Indonesia) with various kinds of colors and patterns. Mostly, the people there are still using the traditional method and you will not only be able to find the Batik clothes because you can also see some other items that are made from the Batik such as the wallet, bag, hat, and many more again. 

Maybe you have been familiar with this traditional village. It is normal because the Celuk Village always becomes a must-visited village for the tourists. Most of the local residents there work as the Gold and Silver artists or crafters where they are able to create various designs and products from Gold and Silver such as the pieces of jewelry, clock, statue, and etc. You can watch their collections there and even buy their products at an affordable price.  

If you are painting lovers, Batuan Village is a perfect place that we will also visit in this Bali Art Villages tour. You can meet the talented local painters there where they always make the fine handmade paintings with unique designs. Mostly, the paintings are about the naturalism and humanism with the dark and crowded design. In that Batuan Village, you can see how the painters make the paintings and you can buy their paintings if you want to.

The last village to visit on this Bali Shopping Tour is the Mas Village. This village is well-known for its wood carving products that are made from the finest quality woods with various unique designs. You can meet various different items that are made from the woods with great carvings such as the table, statue, chairs, frame, and many more again. 

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