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Bali Tanah Lot Temple and Taman Ayun Tour

Tour Highlights

  • Admire the historical value and beautifulness of the Bali Taman Ayun Temple Mengwi with its huge ponds
  • Meet various kinds of the natural species in the Bali Coffee Plantation
  • Visiting the Tanah Lot Temple that is also known as the Sea Temple because it is located in the sea

Tour Description

Bali has several popular and iconic temples that you have to visit when you have a holiday in that beautiful island. Two of those popular temples are the Bali Tanah Lot Temple and Bali Taman Ayun Temple. We create a special trip to visit those temples and some other interesting destinations in Bali. What are those destinations? Here is further information. 

Tour Destination

This first destination is really beautiful and famous. This is the Bali Taman Ayun Temple that is also known as Mengwi as well. The Taman Ayun Mengwi Temple has become a world heritage site by UNESCO in 2012. This temple is worth it because it has unique architecture and high historical value at the same time. You will see several different temples there and the interesting spot there is a huge pond that surrounds the temple area. That pond is looked like water bracelet from a distance. In addition, Taman Ayun in the traditional Balinese Language means a really beautiful garden and it is a fact because this temple has an exotic and wonderful garden as well. 

The next destination is the Bali Coffee Plantations where this wide area is a perfect place to learn more about coffee. It means that you are able to see various kinds of coffee plants and some other tropical plants. You can also see how an expensive coffee from Indonesia, the Luwak Coffee, is made. This coffee uses the civet animal to take a role in its production. Furthermore, you can also taste the fresh coffee and teas in this plantation while enjoying its nuance and serenity. 

The third destination or the last destination to visit is the Tanah Lot Temple. This temple is so famous among the foreign and domestic tourists because of its uniqueness and its beauty. The Tanah Lot Temple is located in the middle of the sea and it is built above the huge coral stones. When the sea water is receding, you can walk and reach this temple area. You will see that there is a cave under the temple where that cave becomes the house of a holy snake. The other attraction of this temple is its sunset view. When the sunset comes, you will watch the amazing silhouette of this Bali Tanah Lot Temple with the sunset as its background. The open ocean around it makes the scenery is beyond perfect. That is why; this place is loved by a lot of photographers from all over the world. 

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