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Bali Purification Ritual and Jungle Swing Tour

Tour Highlights

  • Coming to the Tirta Empul Temple to try the ‘melukat’ tradition or it is also known as the purification ritual in the temple’s pool.
  • Try the challenging Bali Jungle Swing that is located in a really high area above the jungle and tropical plantation
  • Having lunch in a local restaurant
  • Experiencing the short trekking and admire a stunning rice paddy fields view in terraced forms in the Tegalalang Rice terrace. 
  • Try the fresh coffees and teas beverages in the Luwak Coffee Plantation and then visit the Ubud Monkey Forest

So, are you ready for the tour?

Tour Description

Do ever heard about the Bali Purification Tour? This tour is so unique and different, but it can give you the authentic vacation style in Bali. This tour will take you to the Tirta Empul Temple to do the purification ritual. It is not the only thing to do because you will be able to visit some other great destinations in Bali. Do you want to know more about the tour? Below is the further information about that.

Tour Destination

The first destination to visit in this tour is the Tirta Empul Temple that is located in Tampaksiring, Gianyar – Bali. That temple has the natural pools with some showers in its wall. That is why; that pool is well-known as a location to do the purification ceremony or melukat. You can also do that ceremony as well with the assistance from the local guide. The aim of this ceremony is to throw away all the negative things in your body. 

The next destination is the amazing Bali Jungle Swing. There, you can try a swing that is located in a high area with a certain height. Under the swing are the jungle and tropical plants, so that you can get the sensation of flying or swinging in the air with that nature below you. After that, you will be accompanied to have lunch. 

After that, you will visit the Tegalalang Rice Terrace where it is the beautiful rice paddy fields with the terraced forms. It is because the local farmers there use the traditional irrigation system that is known as Subak. You can have the short trekking there and take some wonderful pictures there. 

From there we will visit the Luwak Coffee Plantation to see various kinds of coffee plants and tropical plants as well. There, we can also see how the expensive Luwak coffee is made and also try for free the fresh coffee and tea beverages. You will love the view when you are there because it is so beautiful and relaxing. To end the day, you will come to the Ubud Monkey Forest to feel the spiritual nuance in that place. It is because the Ubud Monkey Forest is a small jungle where a sacred temple is located there. You will also meet a lot of cute monkeys there and have an interaction with them. 

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