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Bali Kecak & Fire Dance and Jimbaran Bay Dinner Tour

Tour Highlights

  • Visit the stunning cliff temple, the Uluwatu Temple, that is located in a super high cliff and faces the open Indian Ocean straightly
  • Watching the rousing Kecak and Fire Dance performed in an open stage with the sunset as the background
  • Having the delicious Bali Jimbaran Bay Dinner with the fresh seafood menus and enjoy the beach nuance at the same time.
  • This tour is really something and you have to try it. 

Tour Description

What are the most popular traditional dances in Bali? We are pretty sure that most of the people will answer the Kecak and Fire Dance. Yes, those traditional dances are so rousing and interesting to see. That is why; we create a Bali Kecak and Fire Dance Tour where you can see these dances performed in a super great stage. In addition, this tour will also let you visit some other places of interests in Bali. Below is the information. 

Tour Destination

The first destination that you can visit on this tour is the Uluwatu Temple. This temple is located in a really high cliff that faces the open Indian Ocean straightly. That is why; the view in this cliff temple is beyond perfect, especially when the sunset time is coming. It can be one of the best sunset views that you can get in Bali. Furthermore, the traditional design that this temple has will make this visit is really authentic. 

After admiring the beautiful Uluwatu Temple and its view, now it is the time for watching the Bali Kecak and Fire Dance Performance. You will really love it. This dance performance is performed in a stage in Uluwatu where it is the open stage location. The great thing is that you will get the sunset as the dance background! Kecak Dance is a Balinese traditional dance that is performed by a lot of male dancers where they will make the sound of cak..cak..cak. In addition, the Fire Dance is a dance performance where the dancers have the high skills of using some stuff that is burned with fire. 

To end this great tour, you will be served with the amazing Bali Jimbaran Bay Dinner. Jimbaran beach is a clean and pretty beach in Bali where you will see a lot of cafes and restaurants in its beach line. Those cafes and restaurants set the table and chairs on the beach line so that you are able to have the delicious and fresh seafood dinner with the romantic nuance of the beach. This beach is really something! To make the nuance is more alive; the management usually plays the music or even hosts a live music performance there. It is a great activity to enjoy the delicious dinner in a perfect place.

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