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Bali Elephant Sanctuary and Ubud Monkey Forest Tour

Tour Highlights

  • Visit the Luwak Coffee Plantation to see how the Luwak Coffee is produced and see various kinds of coffee plants
  • Meet the cute long tail monkeys and feel the spiritual nuance in the Ubud Monkey Forest Sanctuary
  • Having a delicious lunch in the local restaurant with a great menu and great services
  • Try the challenging Jungle Swing Experience; swinging in height with the tropical forest view below you
  • End the day by riding the elephant, feed them, and take a picture with them in the Bali Elephant Sanctuary in Taro Village, Bali. 

Come to Bali and try it.

Tour Description

Bali Elephant Sanctuary Tour is one of the most amazing tours in Bali that you have to try to make a memorable vacation. In this tour, you are able to experience the moment of ride the elephants in the natural jungle and visit some other great destinations in Bali. This tour will bring so much joy for you and all of your families, friends, and your lovely one. Below is the further information about this tour. 

Tour Destination

The first stop in this Bali Elephant Sanctuary is to see how the Luwak coffee is made. We will visit the coffee plantation to see various kinds of coffee plants and learning more about the productions process of Luwak Coffee as one of the most expensive coffee in the world. This Luwak coffee is also really unique because the Civet animal also takes a role in that production process. 

After visiting the coffee plantation, it is the right time to visit the Ubud Monkey Forest Sanctuary. It is the small jungle area where there is also a sacred temple there. That forest jungle is also the home for some groups of long tail monkeys. You can have an interaction with them such as by feeding them and see the funny attitude that they sometimes make. 

Jungle swing will give you a really impressive experience of swimming in a high area. The swing is actually ranging for the height from 10 meters high up to 78 meters high. You can swing with the forest and tropical plants under you. You don’t have to be worried because this activity is equipped with the entire international safety standard. In addition, this activity is also included the picture when you are swinging. The activity will be continued by having lunch in a local restaurant.

It is the time to meet the elephants in the Bali Taro Elephant Sanctuary. We will accompany you to visit the Taro Village to see the elephants, feed them, and take a picture with the elephants. Experience the moment to ride the elephants amidst the beautiful natural garden. It is the right place to have fun together with your families, especially with your lovely kids. In the elephant ride, you will be accompanied by the elephant keeper and use the safety equipment. 

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