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Bali Chasing Waterfall: Tibumana, Tukad Cepung, & Kanto Lampo

Tour Highlights

  • Visit the Tukad Cepung Waterfall, a beautiful hidden destination located behind the huge Stones
  • Feel the view and enjoy the fresh and clear water of the twin waterfall, the Tibumana Waterfall
  • Close the day coming to the popular Kanto Lampo Waterfall with its unique location and the rainbow bias panorama

 Visiting those wonderful waterfalls in Bali can give you the authentic and complete nature vacation on this beautiful Island. So, just come to Bali and create your memorable holiday by having this Bali Chasing Waterfall tour.

Tour Description

The Bali Chasing Waterfall tour is a kind of trip in Bali where you are able to explore various different waterfalls in this exotic Island; especially the Tibumana, Tukad Cepung, and Kanto Lampo Waterfall. You can get All the experiences of the adventurous track to reach the waterfall location, feel the serenity, and for sure enjoy the nature and fresh water in the location. Find out more about this tour below.

Tour Destination

Tukad Cepung Waterfall is so unique because this waterfall is located behind the huge Stones. Some people Said that it is a hidden heaven in Bali and due to its location, you Will need more effort to reach the waterfall location. What we mean here is that you have to pass some small caves formed by the stone and many more again. However, All Will be worth after you arrive in the waterfall location because this 20meters high waterfall is so mesmerizing with the Stones arrangement and the beautiful nature around. This is a perfect destination for you who love the natural view and trekking activity. 

The Tibumana Waterfall is usually called the twin waterfall. It means that you will see two different waterfalls in a location because the waterfalls are located side by side. Under the waterfall, there is a natural pond with its calm and clean fresh water where you can swim in that pond. If you don’t want to swim, you can just play with the water there or even take a picture in this unique waterfall. In addition, this waterfall is also surrounded by the stunning nature where you Will be loved.

The Kanto Lampo Waterfall offers you the view of the unique waterfall that is located in the Stones arrangement that is close between each other. That is why; you Will get the view of a waterfall where its water is flowing in the natural stair of Stones. The stones are at the random arrangements, but it is so artistic and it adds the beauty of this Kanto Lampo Waterfall. At a certain time, you can even get the panoramic view of the rainbow bias on this location and believe us that it is so beautiful. Furthermore, the nuance on this place is also so peaceful and calm because it is located amidst the wonderful nature of Bali that can relieve all your stressful feelings.

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