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Bali Best of Ubud and the Jungle Swing Tour

Tour Highlights

  • Coming to the Ubud Art Villages (Celuk, Batuan, and Mas Village) to see the signature items from each Village 
  • Taste the delicious and expensive Luwak coffee in the Bali organic Spices Plantation
  • Meet the cute long tail monkey in the Ubud monkey Road and explore the Ubud Market to buy some items and gifts
  • Dare yourself to try the 30meters high Ubud Swing and take some impressive pictures while swinging
  • Visit the iconic rice paddy fields with the terraced form in the Tegalalang rice terrace
  • Admire the beauty of gua Gajah temple with its unique architecture designer
  • End the best of Ubud Bali tour by feeling the serenity of the beautiful tegenungan waterfall in Bali

Tour Description

The first stop of the tour is to visit several popular Art Village in Ubud. Those villages are the Celuk, Batuan, and Mas Village. The Celuk Village is well-known for its fine quality silver and gold artworks. Most of the residents there work as the gold and silver artists. Next, the Batuan Village is a perfect location to meet the local painters who are always making the stunning hand-made painting. Last but not least is the Mas Village, a wonderful traditional village that is popular for its wooden artworks.

Tour Destination

This best of Ubud Tour Will also bring you to visit the Organic Spices Plantation. In this plantation area, you are able to see various kinds of coffee plants, meet the civet animal, up to watch the whole production process of the unique Luwak coffee. This expensive Luwak coffee is a really delicious coffee where the civet takes a role in one of the production steps.

Get ready to meet the cute monkeys in the Ubud Forest Road and see their natural funny attitude in their habitat. You can even touch and have an interaction with them if you want to. In addition, this best of Ubud Bali tour Will also let you stroll in the Ubud Market and buy the souvenirs, gifts, foods, and etc at the affordable price.

This is a Swing that is located for about 30 meters high from the land. While swinging you can watch the view of jungles and plantation under you. The tour Will be continued by having lunch and visiting the Tegalalang rice terrace, the iconic rice fields with the terraced forms because the local Farmers there use the traditional system of irrigation that is known as Subak.

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