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Bali Volcano Sunrise Trekking and Cycling Tour

Tour Highlights

  • Hotel Pickup Service from Bali Smart Tour
  • Start the Bali Volcano Sunrise Trekking tour at around 03.00 am and have the light breakfast at the top of the mountain
  • Climb down and start the Bali Cycling Tour with our professional instructors
  • Enjoy the cycling experience amidst the beautiful nature of Bali and stop at several places
  • Having lunch and hotel transfer service from Bali Smart Tour

It is the end of the tour.

Tour Description

Bali has the amazing nature that you have to enjoy when you are having a vacation on this island of paradise. Two of the most popular ways to enjoy the nature in Bali are the Bali Volcano Sunrise Trekking and for sure the Bali Cycling Tour. This tour is not only giving you a chance to enjoy the Balinese nature but also knowing about its social life at the same time. So, is it the perfect tour that you are looking for?

Tour Destination

The first stop is the Mount Batur, an active volcano located in Kintamani. This mountain is 1717 meters high which means you will need for about 2 hours long to climb this mountain. Along the journey, you will see the can see the tropical jungles, plantations, rice fields, up to the traditional villages to see their culture and tradition. Witness the mesmerizing sunrise view where it can be one of the best spots to take a picture. If the weather is bright enough, you can also witness the beautiful view of Mount Agung and Mount Rinjani in Lombok from the distance.

The Bali Volcano Sunrise Trekking will be started at 03.30-03.45am from the starting point where we will need 1.5 hours long to reach the sunrise point. After that, we will hike again for 20 minutes to reach the summit where you will see the sunrise and enjoy the light breakfast that we serve.

Bali Smart Tour will make this tour is beyond perfect where we will accompany you to do the Bali Cycling Tour in a rural area. This tour is started from the top of the Kintamani area and then you can make your way down. There are so many terrains and interesting places that you will pass such as the asphalt road, rice fields, traditional villages, up to stop at the schools to meet the children at their break time. 

The Bali Cycling Tour is done in the heart of Bali where you will not meet the busy road. What you will get is the calm and peacefulness of a village. In this tour, we will also invite you to meet the home industries of some villages where you will meet the friendly residents there. You can talk to them and ask about their business and you will really love their friendliness. After cycling, we will serve you with the delicious lunch and we will transfer you back to the hotel. 

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